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Nutrition Month 

H.S. Nutrition Month 2014...
H.S. Nutrition Month 2013...
H.S. Nutrition Month 2012...

H.S. Nutrition Month 2012

The 2012 Nutrition Month theme from the Dietitians of Canada is
...  “Get Your Plate in Shape”.

March is around the corner and that means Nutrition Month!!!  In order for us to actively participate in each of our high schools we have extended Nutrition Month into the month of April...because a healthy lifestyle is important all year round.  

The 2012 Nutrition Month theme from the Dietitians of Canada is ... “Get your Plate in Shape”.  The LBPSB Food & Nutrition Policy was developed using Canada`s Food Guide, Health Canada Guidelines and information from the Heart & Stroke Foundation. The “Get your Plate in Shape” poster highlights 10 important points of a healthy lifestyle. 
The nutrition information in the pamphlets was developed from questions you sent to us in January after speaking with your fellow students. 
The Department of Food Service & Nutrition will be in your school on the following dates:
March 13th Beaconsfield
March 15th PCHS
March 20th Riverdale
March 22nd Westwood sr.
March 27th John Rennie
April 3rd Westwood jr.
April 5th Macdonald
April 11th St. Thomas
April 12th Lindsay Place
April 16th Beurling
April 18th LCCHS
April 19th Lakeside
On that day we will be in the cafeteria throughout the lunch hour(s) to talk to the students. We will be distributing the pamphlets, coupons and food samples. 


 To see a copy of the 2012 Nutrition Month pamphlet please click here.  

Eat healthy foods and be active!!



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