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School Cafeteria

Welcome to your cafeteria. We offer a large variety of foods, full meals, snacks, hot soups and many à la carte items to supplement your lunch from home.

The Lester B. Pearson School Board’s Food & Nutrition Policy governs all aspects of the Cafeteria and food preparation. This means that we ensure the preparation and consumption of healthy foods that contain vegetables and fruits and are reduced in fat, salt and sugar. We do not serve soft drinks, chocolate bars or fried foods 

In addition to the regular menu items, we serve fun, healthy fast foods such as “Grab ‘n Go” or made to order sandwiches, hot subs, pizza or wraps.  Check the menu board daily!!

If you have a food allergy, please introduce yourself to the Cafeteria Manager, and ask about our Red Dot Program.  We always welcome new ideas and look forward to serving you !!

Click on the links below to view the menu cycles at each of our Cafeterias.

For information on the high school cafeteria electronic Caf-Cards (Zipthru) please click here.(not compatible with Internet Explorer, please use google chrome or another browser). 

High School Cafeterias Menus
Beurling Academy
John Rennie
Lakeside Academy
Lasalle Community  Comprehensive
Macdonald High
Pierrefonds Community
Westwood Jr.
Westwood Sr.


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