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Caf Mobile

The Caf-Mobile Hot Lunch Program is designed to give elementary school children the option of eating freshly prepared hot meals at lunch time at their own school.

These meals are prepared by a food service provider that has been approved by the Council of Commissioners.
All menus must conform to the guidelines of the Board’s Food & Nutrition Policy.  It states that all ingredients and menu selections shall encourage healthy eating by being of low-fat and low-sugar content. No deep-fried foods, chocolate bars, or soft drinks are permitted.   The maximum selling price is determined to protect our consumers (our Lester B. Pearson families) and is approved by the Council of Commissioners annually.

Caf-Mobile is usually introduced to the school as a pilot project, usually with a two month trial period.  Once established, Caf-Mobile may remain at one or two days a week depending on the school's request and that minimum daily quotas are maintained.

The posting of the menus and all accounting details are the responsibility of the catering company. The school is responsible for providing the catering company with a school calendar, advising of any field trips or outings prior to posting of the menus. The food service provider will deal with all NSF issues.)

The School Board Food Technician has a brief presentation prepared to explain all aspects of the Caf-Mobile program and is available to answer questions for the school community.

Parents, of children participating in any of our Caf-Mobile programs, please call the phone number indicated on the cazone webpage if  you have any questions regarding menu selections, payment issues, deliveries, etc. or to access your school's Caf-Mobile Menu please click here


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