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Food Programs
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Comité de gestion de la taxe scolaire de l'île de Montréal and the Ministry of Education
The Food Technician and Dietician manage the government funds allocated for milk and food to schools whose student population is considered to be "in need" or "milieux défavorisés". They ensure that good quality food is distributed to these children. They also work as a liaison with the school administrators to help the people (volunteers, parents) who actually feed these children, by assisting with equipment needs, bulk ordering, providing information on suppliers, etc.

Food Programs
The Food Program consists of funds allocated to the schools for the distribution of emergency snacks for breakfast, recess, or lunch complements, depending on the needs of the students.  The Food Technician and Dietician help with;  the co-ordination of the food programs in the schools, when requested, assists the Day Care coordinators with their nutritional grant by providing supplier information, as well as support for orders and deliveries, and provides information on healthy eating (healthy snacks) for all Daycares in LBPSB.

Milk program
A portion of these funds are provided for by the Island Council. The remaining amount is from our Council of Commissioners who realize the nutritional importance of milk in a student's day. The Food Technician and Dietician establish and implement the milk programs for individual schools, based on their needs, working with the milk distribution company for the orders and deliveries and is responsible for equipment repairs in those schools.


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