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Our Food Policy
The What, Why and How of the Food Policy...

The What, Why and How of the Food Policy

WHAT is the Food & Nutrition Policy?
The Food & Nutrition Policy governs all aspects of food service within our school board.  It covers the quality, quantity, price and the sanitation standards of all foods that are distributed in our school board.

In short, we want to offer our students foods that:
·       have less fat
·       have less sugar
·       have less salt
·       provide more fiber
·       encourage them to eat vegetables more often
·       are at the appropriate portion size (forget supersizing….unless it is vegetables or fruit!)
·       include nutritious snacks that provide calcium, vitamin C, and fiber

Our challenge is to show you and your children that healthy eating and tasting good go together!

WHY have a Food & Nutrition Policy?
The  Food & Nutrition Policy responds to the alarming increase of health problems in our youth, such as obesity, heart disease and type II diabetes which are appearing at a much earlier age.

Our youth’s eating habits have shown that they do not eat enough vegetables and fruit, they do not drink enough milk or eat enough fiber.  However, high fat and high sugar foods are consumed often as snacks and food on the run. So, we have decided to set the example!  We feel that part of the education process is to teach about healthy eating along with serving healthy foods!  With our Food & Nutrition Policy, students will learn that choosing nutritious foods everyday will improve both their learning and living capabilities.

HOW is it implemented?
In partnership with our catering company, Chartwells Student Dining, a division of Compass Group Quebec, recipes and menus are chosen in order to offer foods with higher nutritional value while maintaining great flavour!  Portion size and limiting the frequency of some of the “less nutritious” food that will be served.

WHAT can you do? (as a LBPSB community member)
The Food & Nutrition Policy states: “All partners should model healthy lifestyles when on school grounds. Parents are encouraged to provide their children with a healthy breakfast before school and to send nutritious foods to school as snacks, lunches or for special events.” (clause 2.2)

Eating habits are formed in the home at a young age.  We encourage you to reinforce what your child learns at school with healthy eating practices at home.  Keep in mind that whenever possible, you should avoid associating food with a reward system.

The Food & Nutrition Policy also states that “All school communities and Governing Boards are asked to consider the Food & Nutrition Policy when fundraising is involved.” (clause 4.12)  We encourage fundraising with non food items (like wrapping paper, cards, car washes, etc.) or with healthy food items (like oranges, apples, etc.).  Fundraising with unhealthy food items (like chocolate bars, candy, etc.) gives the wrong message to the students.  We should support healthy eating habits in all aspects of school life.

We understand that celebrations are a part of healthy living; therefore “treats” are acceptable in moderation.  As a parent, if you help with in-school celebrations, holidays or any special event, we encourage you to make the effort to include nutritious foods.


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